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 Sujet du message: Some questions about CP750 from New Zeland
MessagePosté: Lun 15 Juin, 2009 10:16 pm 
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Je pose ces quelques questions de la part de Steve, de Nouvelle Zeland, qui construit un CP750. J'espère qu'il recevra beaucoup de réponses :lol:

I'm posting theses questions for Steve, from New Zeland. I hope he will receive many answers :lol:

Bonjour from New Zealand.

Sorry I do not speak/write in French so I hope you are able to translate this below.

I am building a CP 750. I started some time ago and have completed the steel tube fuselage. I have not worked on it for some years but am now thinking of finishing the project.

I have just recently found the Avions Piel web site and have enjoyed the photos and forums (when in English).

I have a number of questions you may be able to help with.

I have previously detected the interference with the rear control mechanism and the fuselage tubes and have a modification in mind.

I have been fortunate to see several Beryls in USA and speak with the builders. They all say (including some American articles on the beryl) that the wing incident is too great as shown on the plans. 4 deg 30

I note the CAP 10 appears to have 0 deg. And no wash out.

Has this ever been modified on the plans?

What are the 180 hp Berlys using?

If the incidence is changed have there been changes made to the U/C leg angles, engine thrust line (down and to side) and what if any is the tail plan incidence.

I have assumed that the datum is the top tube.

I see that there is a CP751 design. What are the changes over the 750 (plans I have) for the lager hp. My plans came from Canada in mid 1990’s

Are there any details on the seat positions? What have other used?

I found on one of your forums some plans for CAP 10.

Were they every released to amateur builders as I would be interested to know what difference there are in the wing structure and spar.

I will try and send some photos soon.

Look forward to your reply and kind regards.

Steve Gwilliam, New Zealand.

Un avion Piel, sinon rien ....

 Sujet du message: Re: Some questions about CP750 from New Zeland
MessagePosté: Mar 04 Aoû, 2009 10:15 pm 
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Hi Steve,
My name is Roger and I live in the US. I have been building a 750 Beryl for about 3 years now and maybe I can answer some of your questions. There are pictures of my Beryl project in the photo gallery here http://www.avions-piel.com/galerie/thumbnails.php?album=48
I changed the fuse tubing interference at the rear control stick you are refering to, there is a picture of the changes I made in my photo gallery, actually there is a before and after picture....

I too was told the wing incidence is to much for the 150 hp+ engines. I was told it was designed originally for a 100 hp engine. I changed my wing incidence to 2 degerees " i think". Which required changes to the tubing where the wing attaches to the fuse. I would need to look at my notes to be sure about the incidence I used.

The incidence for the tail is "0" And yes, the top longeron is the datum. There are no changes needed to the landing gear because of the wing incidence change, that I know of..

I was told that the CP751 was used for Beryl's with 180 hp engines.

As far as the differences between the wing and spars from the Beryl and the Cap 10, I have asked that same question but haven't been able to find anyone who could answer it.

There was a change in the plans for the wing of the Beryl some years back. The wing spar has a plywood doubler added to the center section to strengthen it and I think the wing tips were shortened some by being squared off more. Just be sure you have the revised drawings for the wing before you start, the old plans wing and spar are weaker.

I hope this helps you some, if you have any more questions just ask them.

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